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Does dieting help you lose weight?

Talk of weight loss and you will have numerous fad diets at your service. While some of these crazy diets ask you to eat a particular kind of food, there are others that force you to near starvation. But do these diets really help you lose weight? Let us find out.

Different diet plans work on different principles. However, most of them work on the lines of making you eat less to lose weight. While eating less can contribute to weight loss, it is not the best solution to shed extra pounds.

This is because eating less affects your metabolism. It slows down your metabolic activity which enables you to burn lesser calories than your body actually can. Your metabolism continues to remain slow even when you return to your normal course of eating. As a result, you quickly regain the weight you had lost via dieting.

Even if you are following a diet plan that does not cut down on the quantity of food, you are going to do no good to your body. Diet plans that involve eating a particular type of food are just as harmful. These foods do not allow you to eat a well balanced diet which can result in nutritional deficiencies.

This brings us to the conclusion that dieting may help you lose weight but that comes at the cost of your overall health. Besides, fad diets are not a permanent

solution to weight loss. Once you quit these diet plans and switch to your normal eating pattern, you are likely to put on the weight you had lost via dieting and at a much faster rate.

So what do you do? If you really want to exercise dietary control to lose weight then you should consider opting for a healthy eating pattern rather than following fad diets. Make healthy eating a part of your lifestyle. Limit the amount of junk food that you eat. If you really crave for unhealthy foods like pizza and pastas, make sure that you eat in moderation.

Also, try to include more of natural foods such as vegetables and fresh fruits in your daily diet. These natural foods are an excellent source of fiber and contain negligible calories. You can also include heatheir food items in your daily menu such as oatmeal, cereal bar, yogurt, salads, sprouts and the like.

Apart from eating healthy, you also need to keep a track of your eating habits. You should never skip your breakfast and have an early dinner. Also try to avoid binge eating by eating six small sized meals in a day.

If you really want to lose weight and that too in a safe manner then dieting is the last option.


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